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Finding Beautiful Wildlife in National Parks

North American National Parks provide visitors from around the world with an increasingly unique experience - the ability to watch extraordinary wildlife in a completely free and natural setting.
From the coasts and marshlands, to the towering mountains and high desert mesas, National Parks have been established for both the preservation of natural lands and the wildlife that call them home, and also for the enjoyment of people witnessing what the natural world is like when left undisturbed. There is also a certain amount of responsibility attached to this gift, and that is to allow the animals and birds the space they need to stay wild - keep a distance, and never interfere with the course of nature.


The key to being able to watch and appreciate the beauty of nature, and remain safe and respectful, is to bring the right equipment into the field with you. Selecting a fine pair of portable optics regardless of monocular or binoculars is essential to the experience.
Bird watching in the United States has been recognized as one of the quickest growing hobbies, and for good reason. The tranquility of birding and the health benefits associated with it are well documented, and it is one of the lowest cost activities to start. All you need is a good pair of binoculars with quality ED lenses for a clear image, such as those in the GoSky Optics lineup.
While a multitude of beautiful birds can be seen from your backyard window, some of the most exotic can be regularly found in National Parks. The most American bird of them all, the bald eagle, has returned in numbers across much of the U.S., and can be seen in National Parks from Oregon and Iowa, to New York. But the largest gathering of eagles is in the Alaska Chilkat Eagle Preserve in Haines, Alaska. During the summer salmon runs, up to 4000 bald eagles will gather in a four-mile section of the river to feed, and allow viewers with spotting scopes a spectacular show.


Animals of the Great Plains
If you are interested in being mesmerized by the hoofed animals of the great American West, look no further than Yellowstone National Park. As one of the most famous, and wildlife-wealthy parks in the world, Yellowstone is home to deer, elk, bighorn sheep, moose, and the famous American bison. Yellowstone has a myriad of well-maintained trail systems and backcountry options for hikers and wildlife viewing, and if you intend to travel far off the beaten path, a good pair of lightweight GoSky binoculars would be a good choice.
Sea Animals
Not far off the stunning coastline of Santa Barbara, California, is a ruggedly beautiful archipelago that is a natural refuge for marine animals, the Channel Islands National Park. While only three small species of mammals are native to the islands, the real treasure for wildlife watching is in the surrounding ocean waters. At a location where the warm waters from the southern hemisphere meet the colder northern currents, there is an explosion of life. A short boat ride from the coast often rewards visitors with sightings of dolphins, harbor seals, California sea lions, gray and humpback whales, and even an occasional blue whale, the largest animal on the planet. Be sure and bring your GoSky Waterproof binoculars along for the ride.
And finally, the mighty bears of North America. Back bears are found across much of the North American continent, and are often seen strolling through neighborhoods and backyards in the Appalachian hills and in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. But perhaps the most famous and sought-after bear for wildlife enthusiasts, is the mighty Grizzly or Brown Bear.
Once thought to be distinctly separate species, they are now recognized as simply different variations of the same bear that grow to different sizes with the natural surroundings and sources of food. The biggest brown bears of all are found in the coastal areas of Alaska, and the most famous place to watch them is the Brooks Falls viewing area in Katmai National Park.
Considered by many to be the wildlife trip of a lifetime, Katmai National Park offers many other outdoor opportunities, such as fishing, wilderness camping, and hiking, but being able to see the bears is the main attraction. As the bears gather annually at the Falls and stand guard to catch salmon as they leap into the air, it’s a sight that can be seen nowhere else in the world. For a trip like this, never go without at least a fine pair of weatherproof binoculars, and you might want to invest in a spotting scope as well with a camera attachment.
Whether your choice is searching for eagles in upstate New York, sandhill cranes in Texas, or making the trip of a lifetime to Alaska, the most essential piece of gear in your travel bag should be a quality set of optics. Bringing the view of wildlife “close enough to touch” is what elevates the experience to a magical level, and GoSky Optics has a wide range of high-quality binoculars and spotting scopes with clear-viewing ED lenses at affordable prices. Don’t leave home without them.


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