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Why I Love Bird Watching

Wildlife photographer & Guide to Alaska,
Brand ambassador of GoSky 

“Birdwatching was more than an outdoor activity but a bond kitting three generations and connecting them to the outside world.”

My love of birds and nature is rooted in my childhood, as my father would always record the first Robin sighting of the spring and would talk about all the colorful warblers and thrushes. However, It wasn't until I had a son of my own that things came full circle.

It was 10 p.m. in Alaska. The June breeze was brushing the lush spruce. I walked around the campground with my one-year-old son. Suddenly, we heard a bird singing in the Woods. It was the most beautiful thing and it just totally enchanted me. But I couldn't see it clearly because one-third of the orange sunset had sunk to the bottom of the woods. We wanted to identify this charming bird, but it kept playing hide-and-seek with us.

At this point, I remembered my dad who used to talk about different kinds of birds. I remembered hundreds of summer nights when he told me stories about birds. And all these memories sparked my curiosity. I think that was when I got into watching birds. After that, I bought myself and my son a pair of binoculars and started our birding journeys.

Now, we have our birding checklist and we still love to see a new bird that we've never seen before. And keeping exploring nature with my little son really makes me feel alive.

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