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"Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are." -- Gretel Ehrlich

Explore the horizon, observe the wisdom and diversity in nature, and you will discover your inner self, understand the world, and find your way to a fulfilling life. With GOSKY, the world is big but close to you.

GOSKY is committed to making exploring nature even more enjoyable, convenient, and accessible with our excellent optics, hassle-free warranty, and handy accessories.

Where it all began

The GOSKY story began with two optical engineers and a simple goal: lower the bar for people to explore nature with high-quality optics. In 2016, Professor Pi and his student sold the first 20-60x80 GOSKY Spotting Scope on Amazon. With fully multi-coated lenses and waterproof chassis selling at a price people have never seen, the product hit the top of the charts within a year.

Experience beyond optics

Based on customer reviews, Pi and his student learned that people enjoy seeing the fascinating details of nature but want to share them as well. He designed the first smartphone adapter and offered it as a free accessory. Eventually, smart gadgets like tripods and phone adapters became standard in all GOSKY optics kits, making nature observation easier and more fun.

The foundation of our products

The GOSKY factory has world-class production lines and industry-respected optical engineers with generations of experience. It has manufactured for some of the world's most distinct brands and delivered over 4 million premium products in the past 30 years. With such rich experience and resources, our factory provides a solid base for GOSKY to constantly challenge industry limits and offer high-quality optical products.

Giving back to the community

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. -- Winston Churchill
We are honored to support education and research programs for 10+ birding communities to enable young and adult birding beginners to start their nature exploration without equipment barriers.
If you want to join our donation program, please email us at goskyservice@gmail.com.

Everyone is searching for something

Some like to go on road trips, letting wheels run over cherry blossoms, sea salt, and snowflakes.
Some like to go birding and watch geese flying into the sunset glow-tinted sky.
Some like to go camping and listen to meat sizzling on hot rocks.
Some like photography, recording horses running by the river.

While these might seem useless in a materialistic world, some people may say that we waste time, money, and effort.
But it is through these seemingly useless pursuits we learn about life. We learn how parrots babble, how flocks leap over cliffs, and how civilizations evolve. Most importantly, we learn about ourselves, our temper, preference, way of doing things, and the people around us. That way, we find the sky of our hearts.

The sky has many colors beyond blue. So does life.

Go find your sky.

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